Arsenal's plan to give Wenger the ultimate honour

In the summer of 1996, Arsenal hired an unknown French man as manager, 'Wenger who' was the question on everyone's lips, his name was Arsene Wenger, he had joined for French division1 side, AS Monaco.

Arsene Wenger would go on to shut the mouth of those who criticised his appointment as he became the first French manager to win a Premier League title. Arsene Wenger won a host of trophies in his tenure as Arsenal boss, with the 03/04 gold Premier League the most notable of them all.

At the end of the 2017/18 season, Arsene Wenger departed after over twenty(20) years as boss, he came an unknown and left a legend. Reports now suggest that Arsenal have commissioned the MDM specialist workshop to build a bronze-plated Arsene Wenger statue, set to be unveiled during his return ceremony. There are also possibilities of an honorary position & a stand being named after him.

Arsene Wenger is Arsenal's longest serving manager, and the most successful manager in the team's history, he fully deserves every possible honour he could be given.

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