Cesc Fabregas opens up on his Barcelona move

Cesc Fabregas joined Arsenal in his teens from the Last Masia academy of FC Barcelona in 2003. Under the tutelage of then Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, he went on to become one of the best young midfielders at the time.

FC Barcelona came calling, and Fabregas could not ignore a return to his grassroots, and decided to move in 2011, after much deliberations. A near decade down later, Cesc Fabregas has opened up on his return to Barcelona.

Fabregas on leaving Arsenal: "The only thing that kills me now is that I had to be so pushy to Arsene. The guy gave me absolutely everything. I owe everything to him"

He continued: "I asked to leave after the World Cup in 2010. He [Arsene] told me absolutely not, it is impossible. He said if the next season would be the same then he would look into it"

On Arsenal having first option on him, Fabregas said: "Arsenal will have the first option & I cannot speak to any other club for one week until Arsenal make the decision if they want it or not. Arsenal were my first option. In my mind I'm telling everyone I'm going [back] to Arsenal"

"I played for Arsenal with a fever, I played for Arsenal with a broken leg. I played for Arsenal when my grandad died. I gave everything for that club & I would do it all over again", the player concluded.

It was a move that left many Arsenal fans disheartened, but there was not much that could be done from an Arsenal perspective.

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