So what do we do with Mustafi now?

In the summer of 2016 when Arsenal made Shkodran Mustafi their most expensive defender, a lot was expected, he was supposed to solve the wriggling defensive problems that had persisted for so long.

Shkodran Mustafi had a solid start to his Arsenal career, consistently putting in solid defensive performances, but a few years down the line and the opposite has become the fate of the German. Mustafi is a very athletic defender, strong and very dogged, but his poor game reading and low mental power would usually let him down.

At some point, every Arsenal fan wanted Mustafi sold, he was practically the laughing stock of the league and it was inconceiveable that he'd at some point be generally recognised as our best defender but so it has become, Mustafi currently the best defender at the club.

This is where the complication sets it, we've seen Mustafi get into form and become a beast of a defender only to come crashing back to default settings. Mustafi is once again at the peak of his powers, is it the usual temporary rise in form or is it a true change of direction under Arteta? Do you sell him now he's in such solid form and could command a good fee or do you keep him and risk having to offload him if he crumbles again? What do we do with Shkodran Mustafi?

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