Stop it! Is Joe Willock really that bad?

Hale end has long been famed for producing talents, from the likes of Jack Wilshere to the lightening Serge Gnabry. Hale end has produced them indeed, Bukayo Saka is another product currently making waves, Eddie Nketiah has also shown his talent.

There's been one player though, who just can't seem to win the hearts of the fans, irrespective of how hard he tries he just never escapes criticism. Joe Willock has long been seen as a talented youngster with a lot of potential, but it seems that is now a forgone believe.

Joe Willock has scored four(4) goals, more than the trio of Lucas Torreira, Granit Xhaka and Mesut Ozil who have long been the starting midfielders, you could also throw in Dani Ceballos and Willock still outscores them all. He sure has his off days, just like every other player in the team, but why does it seem his off days are more pronounced?

Like every young player, Willock needs the support of the fans, even the most experienced of players suffer a dip when their own fan base turn against them, the level of criticism and backlash he gets is totally out of place. Is Willock the best or most talented of players? Definitely not, but he isn't as bad as he's made to look either.

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