Thomas Partey is a real Partey

Thomas Partey keeps coming back, the rumour just refuses to go away, could there be an element of truth in? The transfer mill can be very pestering, rumours keep coming, both the feasible and those that are not. One characteristic of these rumours is that most tend to go away after a period of time.

Thomas Partey though, just refuses to go away, when rumours keep coming like this then it sometimes signal a genuine possibility to the move. There's no highlighted source reporting an interest in the midfield general, albeit it would be quite a mesmerising signing.

Thomas Partey is a midfield linchpin in Diego Simeone's dogged and defensively solid side, when you watch Thomas you see the party. Atletico are a side known for their solid defensive discipline and Partey plays a great role in it. When the go forward, either on the counter or otherwise, he's right at the base, Alert and always sweeping out every potential danger

Arsenal have long been seeking a natural defensive midfielder, with the lack of one costing the club repeatedly over the last couple of years. When Arsenal signed Lucas Torreira, he seemed to be the answer, his start was explosive and caught the attention of many but has however lost his form since then and has found the going difficult, injuries haven't helped him either

Lucas Torreira even if fit, is not enough for a club usually competing in four(4) different competitions and in need of every possible depth, Thomas Partey would offer stiff competition to Lucas Torreira is honestly a terrific upgrade on the Uruguayan, even thought his signing must leave you wonder where exactly his signing would leave Lucas Torreira.

The rumours are still very much rumours, but if Arsenal indeed have a chance of signing Thomas, they must get Partey started.

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