Yes! Pepe over Zaha was the right deal

One of the most talked about transfers in the summer was the transfer of Nicolas Pepe, from the steep price believed to be beyond Arsenal's reach, to the tussle between who was the better player and potentially the better buy between him and Wilfred Zaha. Then Arsenal manger, Unai Emery was a big fan of Wilfred Zaha but Crystal Palace's outrageous transfer demands jeopardised the deal.

Arsenal turned their attention to Nico Pepe, who ended up being just as expensive as Wilfred Zaha, only that Lille were far less strict in the payment terms, with Arsenal allowed to pay the transfer fees in bits over the course of Nicolas Pepe's five(5)-year contract.

A major debate was sparked as to who the better player was and to whom Arsenal should have put their money on, a proven Premier League performer with little room for improvement left or a much younger non-Premier League player with so much room for improvement? Arsenal ultimate chose the latter.

It has not exactly been the blockbusting start many would have expected and wanted for Nico Pepe, he struggled at the start of the campaign and took his time to break his deadlock, but has since improved his performances. Not that Wilfred Zaha has been a world beater either.

A little look at their individual statistics and there's not much to separate the two except that Nico Pepe edges Wilfred Zaha. Pepe has recorded six(6) goals with Zaha netting half of that. Pepe has laid on eight(8) assists for team mates, Zaha has three less. Wilfred Zaha though, blows Pepe away in take ons completed having completed 136 take ons in stark contrast to Pepe's 65. Pepe slightly edges his Ivorian counterpart in chances created with 46 compared to Zaha's 42. Nico Pepe has played 32 Games and Zaha 30 Games it begs to be said.

Overall, Nicolas Pepe edges Wilfred Zaha, although the quality of the teams cannot be overlooked. However, at 24 and 3 years younger than Zaha, it's not unfair to say that Nico Pepe was definitely the right choice.

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