Kieran Tierney reveals quarantine and feeding routine

Arsenal defender Kieran Tierney has revealed his home routine, with everyone forced to stay indoors amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantine has been the fate of just about everyone and as you'd expect, everyone tries their best not to be bored.

Kieran Tierney has now revealed what he does at home all day. In a Reddit session, the defender spoke:
‘My routine is that I get up at 10, have a bit of breakfast which is usually scrambled eggs, ham and a slice of toast and then training from 11[am] to half 12[pm] before lunch at 1[pm],’ Tierney revealed.

‘Then a few hours of PlayStation, dinner in a couple of hours and then a couple of hours PlayStation again. And repeat repeat repeat!’ he concluded.

Tierney and every one else will hope the lock down is nearing it's end with so much time having be spent at home.

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