The Kurzawa-Kolasinac circle makes little sense

Reports strongly linked Arsenal to PSG defender Layvin Kurzawa in January, it ultimately didn't happen with some reporting the deal for the summer when he'd become a free agent. The reports have started surfacing again ahead of the summer transfer window, Arsenal are said to be interested in Layvin Kurzawa, potentially as a replacement for Sead Kolasinac who many believes should be disposed.

Reasons being touted as to why Kolasinac should be disposed is that he earns too much for a substitute which he almost certainly will become with Tierney getting to full fitness. He's high wages came as a result of him arriving on a free, with no transfer fee paid to Schalke. He's also quite injury prone having consistently suffered with niggling injury problems. In essence we're going to be disposing Kolasinac for Kurzawa because Kolasinac is injury prone and earns too much.

Conversely, you could substitute Kolasinac's name in the previous paragraph and you'd still have a true statement. In essence, Kurzawa is equally injury prone, and will be coming on a free and with quite a relatively high wage. He currently earns close to £100k at PSG, and would surely demand a wage bump that'd at least equal Kolasinac's current wage packet.

Performance wise, Kurzawa is not much of an improvement either, that he's been sitting on bench for 19 year old Stanley N'soki and also Juan Bernat who was a reject in his former club, doesn't do his reputation much good. He's also 2 years older than Kolasinac.

There's really no logical reason behind swapping Kolasinac for Kurzawa, it's a circle that makes little to no sense.

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